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KONVERTIA STRYKOW SERVICE CENTER was established in 2008 being the first step for Pyroll Converting in becoming an international company. The location couldn’t be any better – in the middle of Poland, close by to the cross roads of two main highways, the A1 and A2. Strong logistics infrastructure offers outstanding possibilities for fast and flexible deliveries. Konvertia Strykow has gained its position of being one of the most important service sheeting suppliers close to the main market area of Konvertia’s customers. We have invested in Strykow operations heavily in last years due to increased demand of the service, one example being several extensions of the warehouse space during 2019-2022.

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Konvertia Stryków

Konvertia Sp. Z o. o.

Dobra ul. Wodna 38

95-010 Stryków, Poland

Customer service: +48 42 710 3420


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Konvertia Sp. Z o. o.

Dobra ul Wodna 38

95-010 Stryków, Poland