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Service centers

Cutting Edge Network

We have an extensive and efficient network for your converting needs. We are operating in four countries with five service centers. Our service centers are forming a strong network together where cutting teams are equipped with unprejudiced attitude and mentality to solve daily challenges for the better future and creating a stronger platform for providing the service with high standards to our customers.  In total we are converting over 350 000 tons on annual basis for several customers in our five service centers. And that is a lot of material delivered mainly to packaging industry. 

Customer service opening hours at our service centers are 08.00-17.00 local time


Konvertia Group Oy
Malminsuontie 6
FI-49220 Siltakylä

Customer service:
+358 10 571 0300


Konvertia Group Oy
Mahliankatu 8
PO Box 104
FI-37600 Valkeakoski

Customer service:
+358 10 571 0300


Konvertia Poland Sp. Z o. o.
Dobra ul. Wodna 38
95-010 Strykow, Poland

Customer service:
+48 42 710 3420


Konvertia Winschoten BV
Papierbaan 50
PO Box 288
9672 BH Winschoten
The Netherlands

Customer service:
+31 597 455 555


Konvertia Germany GmbH
Bergatreuter Strasse 50
88255 Baienfurt

Customer service:
+49 751 404 259

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